The surfboard that started life as a car

Waste to Waves

Our Waste to Waves surfboards are produced exclusively in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover and are made from 100% recycled polyurethane plastic.

Many of the activities and products that make modern life possible result in waste.

We know that we can’t prevent all products and practices that create waste, but we can develop innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

Jaguar Land Rover are thinking differently about rubbish and are working with others to replace old ‘take-make-waste’ processes with more sustainable methods and materials.

The result of this collaboration is an exclusive surfboard made with plastic from the Jaguar Land Rover design studios, custom shaped by the SkunkWorks Surf Co and tested by the UK’s top female surfer, Lucy Campbell.

The Waste to Wave programme is part of Jaguar Land Rover’s wider commitment to become a zero waste business and is the latest in a series of innovative recycling initiatives which give a second life to waste materials.

Jaguar Land Rover and SkunkWorks Surf Co are committed to pioneering innovative ways to reduce and recycle the waste that affects us all.

Together we can solve the biggest challenges – together we can make a difference.

Read more about the partnership here


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