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Our Process

A lot goes into every SkunkWorks surfboard, it is a process we take pride in. It is our attention to detail which makes sure you are getting the best board possible. To get to where we are now took a lot of research and development, we even had to design custom machinery to suit our needs and yours.

A finished, surf ready SkunkWorks surfboard has a 6mm deck that feels as comfortable as a yoga mat for a rub/rash free surfing experience. It has an unbreakable core and a slick that will take all the punishment you can give it and more. High density foam form the rails, designed to help protect the board and for storage on the nose and tail.

The Materials

Core: We only use locally produced PE foam. PE Foam is more eco-friendly than polystyrene as well as being stronger and more flexible, however if compressed the structure returns return to the original shape. Polystyrene boards, however, when compressed are irreversibly changed and will never return to their original shape.

Deck and Rail Foam: Our new foam is a PE foam that has been proven in the industry for 10 years. Our outer rail foam is a high density foam which surrounds the perimeter of the surfboard. This is used to help protect the board from fins of other surfboards and general wear and tear.

Slick Bottom: Using a 2mm/0.079 inch thick HDPE our slick bottom is up to 3 times tougher than our competitors. We felt it essential in order to prepare Skunkworks surfboards for a harsh life of heavy impacts and being dragged over rough terrain, especially in surf schools. Our patent-pending heat bonding technology integrates our slick to the core and rails without the use of any glues is designed specifically to reduce the chance of delimitation.


We don’t use any glues in our manufacturing; glues naturally break down and become ineffective over time, a process which is sped up by the tough lives soft surfboards lead. They constantly go from warm sunshine to cold seas, these temperature changes and the salt water attack and weaken the bond so it doesn’t take long for the glues to break down. Once weakened it doesn’t take much until you’re left with a product that is falling to pieces.

We don’t use glue; we only use heat bonding. Once heat bonded, the different sections of our boards integrate together (each part is connected to at least two other parts) and become one single, solid unit.


Each of our boards is carefully designed to give the best experience we can for both the beginner and the experienced surfer. Collaborating with talented shapers we’ve developed the best overall shapes for our Skunkworks surfboards from rocker to rails.

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