Minimising our impact on the natural environment

Green Philosophy

SkunkWorks Surf Co. is committed to minimize our impact on the natural environment whilst producing what we consider to be the most eco friendly soft surfboards on the planet. Where appropriate we use recycled materials in the construction of our boards and actively promote our customers recycle the boards when they do come to the end of their lifespan.


General Aims

  • Reduce our carbon emissions by using renewable energy or buying energy efficient products to reduce our energy use
  • Save natural resources by choosing products and services that use recycled materials or waste as a raw material or resource
  • Reduce waste sent to landfill by buying products which can be reused or recycled
  • Help our local or wider communities by creating work for local suppliers or buying fairly traded goods to help improve living and working conditions
  • Choose suppliers based on the carbon footprint made by shipping their materials to us.
  • Create a market for new sustainable goods and materials to help the green economy grow and create new green jobs


The general procedures and policies we have implemented in order to achieve an efficient environmental policy are outlined below:


  • Where possible we will use recycled materials to create our surfboards
  • We must ensure that it is easy to recycle our boards when they do reach the end of their life
  • We aim to minimize the use of substances deemed harmful to the environment (solvents/adhesives/fossil fuels)
  • We aim to reduce our carbon footprint via efficient use of water/electricity.
  • Education of our staff to reduce consumption, damage and waste
  • We strive to work with suppliers who are mindful of their own environmental impact
  • We aim to reduce our own waste streams and will recycle/reuse where possible
  • We will continue to encourage effective and efficient ways of in-house recycling
  • Continue to minimise any detrimental effect on our local environment
  • To share best practice with suppliers and partners
  • To endeavor to utilise waste streams from other companies which would alternatively end up in landfill



We take our impact on the environment very seriously and we try our best to only work with companies who also maintain high environmental standards.

Our short term aim is to have minimal waste to landfill and a longterm aim to be a closed loop manufacturer; in order to achieve this we need to work with other companies who have similar values and are willing to collaborate in order to reduce waste going to landfill.

Local Suppliers

We understand the benefits of working with like-minded companies and will always strive to conduct a Pre –qualification questionnaire before setting them up as an approved supplier/partner. Below is a list of questions we strive to ask potential suppliers:

  • Environmental management practices, i.e do they use a certified environmental management system (EMS) such as ISO 14001 to assess their own environmental impacts, monitor their environmental impact and performance, maintain legal compliance and gain senior management commitment
  • Compliance with environmental legislation, i.e. Have they ever been prosecuted for breaking the law
  • A product’s environmental impact, i.e. What is its resource use, whether waste is created during its manufacture, whether it uses hazardous substances, how much packaging it uses
  • Delivery of our own specific environmental or social aims, eg to reduce the carbon footprint throughout our supply chain, becoming a signatory of the Ethical Trading Initiative base code
  • The supplier’s buying practices – this can be useful in identifying environmental and social risks further down our supply chain
  • Social responsibility policy and practices, i.e. whether the supplier identifies and assesses their own social risks and those of their supply chain and whether the supplier monitors compliance with International Labour Organisation standards in their supply chains.

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