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SkunkWorks Surf Co Definition – A small and loosely structured group of individuals, unhampered by bureaucracy, who research and develop a new project for the purpose of radical innovation…

In our case, soft surfboards, leashes and some other top secret projects we’ll tell you about in due course!!

Brother’s Ricky and Chris Martin began to re-design the products in 2013 after years of disappointment in the performance, lifespan and visual appeal of those on the market. In 2014, after working with some of the UK and Ireland’s best engineers and materials experts Ricky and Chris secured an initial investment of £50,000 and SkunkWorks Surf Company was born.

In 2016 we moved to 16,000 square foot factory and now employ 12 full time employees. We have now spent over £500,000 on Research and Development and exported our first boards throughout Europe in Easter 2017.

Made in Northern Ireland

We insist on complete control over every aspect of our product, from where our materials are sourced through to each individual product leaving our workshop. To ensure the highest quality we retain 100% ownership of the production process.

Materials – All of our foams and stringer materials are sourced in the UK and Ireland. They are the highest quality materials available to our industry. They have been thoroughly researched and tested by our team of engineers, surfers and surf schools to ensure they are the best we can offer. All our materials are sourced around the UK and Ireland.

Manufacturing – Quality is everything; several of our machines are custom built and we take care in every step to ensure the highest standard possible. All of our boards are designed by Ireland’s top shaper, Rosy. We make all of the products ourselves, right here in Northern Ireland.

Eco-Friendly – ​Being responsible for our environment has always been important to us, we try to only partner with suppliers with a strong environmental sustainability policy. We endeavour to use as much recycled material as possible for our boards.  We try to minimise all waste streams and endeavour to make our products as environmentally friendly as possible. We are also a member of Green Room Surf Alliance.

Made to Order – You order. We make. We make all our products on site, our in house team is always available and can help you choose the right SkunkWorks Surf Co board for you.

Meet our team


Have a look at what makes Skunkworks a great team

  • Chris
    Chris CO-FOUNDER

    Chris is the engineering mind behind it all. He started his entrepreneurial life in Glasgow making t-shirts before travelling the world and ending up in Amsterdam for three years. Now back in Northern Ireland he is fully committed to lead the world in surfboard manufacture.

  • Ricky
    Ricky CO-FOUNDER

    Ricky runs Alive Surf School in Portrush, it was his frustration in soft surfboards that lead to this adventure. Having spent 5 years in Sydney he is now settled with his family in Northern Ireland and focusing all his energy on making great surfboards.

  • Thomas

    After finishing his studies in Applied Science Thomas joined the team on day one – while we were still in a a garage! He has been surfing for 4 years, plays guitar and is a budding Mongolian throat singer (don’t ask).

  • Steve

    Steve has recently returned from a year in Tahiti as part of his degree in Marine Science, working in a scientific research centre. A keen surfer and freediver he is stoked to be part of the team and work in an industry he loves.

  • Dave (Plasmo)
    Dave (Plasmo) SENIOR ENGINEER

    Having had a keen mind for engineering from a young age Dave “Plasmo” Anderson quickly found his knack for problem solving. After graduating and working for Michelin (and helping SkunkWorks on the side) he’s now joined the team for the better.

  • Sam

    Once a fully qualified pharmacist, Sam’s now taken a new path. She’s now a full-time bookkeeper, a lover of numbers and organisation… it’s great that’s she’s keeping us in check, we don’t know where we’d be without her.

  • Ash

    A former surf instructor for Ricky at Alive Surf School, Ash was well aware of the issues with soft surfboards. Previously heading up sales teams for global brands such as Grey Goose Vodka, Bacardi, Jack Daniels and Red Bull he was a highly sought after salesman in the drinks industry, he’s now left that all behind to pitch our products to the world.

  • Lesley

    Lesley is our latest member of the SkunkWorks team and is now an honorary dude. She is a self-confessed miss Independent and can do her own wallpapering and flatpack furniture. Never been on a surfboard in her life but looking forward to getting in some day very soon!

  • Jo

    Jo used to work in the fraud dept. of a bank before starting with SkunkWorks. He’s still got his surfing L plates up but is much better mountain biker. He loves a good beer and hates coriander.

  • Mark

    After being President of the Student’s Union at his University Mark made the obvious logical step to making surfboards. Keen to get involved in all aspects of the business his surfing is slowly getting there. He once survived being knocked down by a car and believes it has instilled his passion for health and safety!

  • Tom

    English Tom was a former Chef, he has a dog called Bob and luscious hair. Apparently he can do a half decent moonwalk but can’t do the worm. He loves Tottenham Hotspur and dislikes Arsenal.

  • Stephen (Pinky)

    A fan of an occasional crafty beer, Stephen has spent the last few years making and repairing high end racing and mountain bikes. An obsessive mountain biker he considers his best friends his dog Poppy and his cat Purrkins.

  • Cecil

    Vegetarian. Pacifist. Anarchist.


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