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8′ 0″ Surfboard

Our 8’0″ soft surfboard is every surf schools ‘bread and butter’. It is incredibly stable and buoyant, which makes it the perfect size for most people learning to surf, from a 5 year old child to a 60 year old adult.

As with all of our products the 8’0″ is incredibly robust, which is essential for the punishment dished out to them by the average surf school!


Key Stats;

  • All foams in our 8’0″ are heat bonded, no glues or adhesives are used in production.


  • All materials used in our 8’0″ have been subjected to extensive laboratory and field tests.  We ensure the highest standard of comfort, durability and performance.


  • Our 8’0″ has been specifically designed to our desired dimensions, maximising performance for all levels of surfing.